GLAMI How-to

We help you grow. Read our suggestions, improve your feed, top up your credit, begin to bid and assess your results.

You must know

  1. How GLAMI works?
  2. How to add your e-shop at GLAMI?
  3. How can your e-shop be approved by GLAMI?
  4. Your settings at GLAMI
  5. Key terms you need to know
  6. What is an XML feed and how important is it?


  1. What is GLAMI piXel and what competitive advantage does it provide?
  2. When is the GLAMI piXel activated?
  3. How do I check if the piXel is set up correctly?
  4. How to run a test order?
  5. What is ItemID and what does it look like?
  6. How to implement piXel on the web store?
  7. How to implement GLAMI PiXel multiple times on a single page
  8. How should a GLAMI feed look like to work correctly with GLAMI piXel?

GLAMI Extended Network

  1. What is GLAMI Extended Network? (GEN)


  1. Cum să dezactivezi GLAMI?
  2. What kind of assortment can I offer on GLAMI?
  3. How to have the best products on GLAMI
  4. How much money to upload into a credit on GLAMI?
  5. How do I make sure that orders will appear in my GLAMI stats?
  6. What influences the ranking of my products on Glami?
  7. The usual errors in the GLAMI feed causing worse results or disapproval
  8. How big should the product images be?
  9. How to charge credit?
  10. How do I change the e-shop owner?
  11. How can I change my store logo and cover photo?
  12. How do I add the delivery date and shipping fee into the feed?
  13. Why my products are not appearing in categories on GLAMI?
  14. What is the CPC price?
  15. I have a new XML feed address, how do I change it?
  16. How to turn off GLAMI?

How to maximize revenues

  1. How to properly evaluate statistics?
  2. How to bid (increase your cost-per-click) and get more traffic?
  3. What to do if I would like to increase traffic?
  4. What to do if I would like to increase revenues from GLAMI?
  5. What can I do to get higher ranking in certain categories?
  6. What to do if my credit is being used up very slowly?
  7. I’m a big partner and I want more traffic.
  8. I’m a small business and I want more traffic.

What to do, when...

  1. How to define COS?
  2. What to do when a COS is high?
  3. What to do when is CR low?
  4. What to do when AOV is low?
  5. What if the number of clicks on my site is decreasing?
  6. What can I do if my credit is depleted quickly?

How GLAMI works?

    • GLAMI is a search engine for fashion. It brings together offers from different e-shops and currently has more than 2 million products in the database. More about us you can find here.
    • Thanks to advanced filtering and detailed categorization, it is easy for our customers to find the fashion items they are exactly looking for. Additionally, we offer a unique experience by customizing the way we list products based on past purchases, searches, and other customer behaviors.
    • When a customer is interested in a particular product, he clicks on a product and is automatically redirected to our partner’s website.
    • Products are uploaded to GLAMI by using an external XML product feed which will be downloaded every hour in order to keep your offers up-to-date. (Stock, available sizes, delivery fees…)

How to add your e-shop at GLAMI?

You can easily register your e-shop for free here.




How can your e-shop be approved by GLAMI?

After registering, the shops are usually approved within two business days. During these two days your GLAMI product feed will be reviewed, after which we will send you an e-mail. If your feed is correct, we will activate your business. If your product feed will need to be edited or improved, we will also add this information to the email. At the same time, we will provide the same feedback in the GLAMI administration in a clearly marked section “How to improve your shop on GLAMI”.


Your settings at GLAMI

According your business you can choose the type of the settings at GLAMI

  • Restricted mode – the implementation of GLAMI piXel is a condition to show your products in this mode. We will display 2000 products for free. Products will be display after the products in priority mode and have also limited traffic.
  • Priority mode – if you want to use our priority mode, you need to charge your credit in the administration. Products will be shown before the products in restricted mode. You will get better position and also more traffic.
  • Priority mode with implemented GLAMI piXel – products will be displayed before unpaid products and you will get more traffic. Thanks to the implementation of PX, GLAMI will be tailored to the customers’ preferences, showing them e-shops with which the customers already made some interaction and are more likely to make a purchase there. Based on this mode, you can optimise your GLAMI results. TIP GLAMI

Key terms you need to know

  • Administration – An advanced dashboard for managing all of your business settings. This interface is available upon login
  • Statistics – detailed statistics that are also available by category and brands. You can evaluate the efficiency of your campaigns and take the right decision on which category or product to bid on, in order to increase the number of customers sent from GLAMI
  • Clicks – this is the total number of visits (clicks) sent to your e-shop
  • CPC – cost per click (Please check the default CPC here)
  • Bidding – you have the option to increase the default CPC. You can increase the CPC for a specific category (for example, Sneakers), which performs well for you. By bidding, you can expect your products to receive increased visibility, which results in more traffic and orders for your shop. You can bid through entire category administration and/or through an XML feed to the product level using the GLAMI_CPC parameter.
  • Costs – your costs for the acquired traffic.
  • Orders – number of orders sent to your shop (You must implement our tracking pixel in order to see this value)
  • CR – conversion rate – The conversion rate indicates how successful your store is in converting willing buyers. It is always expressed as a percentage, and represents how many orders you received from100 GLAMI visitor clicks. A good conversion rate is 1% or more
  • AOV – average order value
  • Revenues – total revenues generated to your e-shop
  • COS – cost of sale/ cost per order. Interprets what is your average cost per order. The main KPI for an e-merchant
  • GLAMI piXel –  a code that allows you to promote your products on GLAMI according to customer preferences and optimise your performance based on previous customer behavior. The GLAMI piXel is mandatory to guarantee en effective and successful cooperation with GLAMI. Learn more here.
  • Discount codes (vouchers) – if you have an event during which the customer gets a discount after applying a certain code, do not forget to include it in your GLAMI administration in the section Discount codes . The discount code can be on the entire assortment or on selected categories / brands, or also on discounted / non-discounted products. Twice a year you can also participate in our GLAMIDAYS event where we offer exclusive GLAMI discount codes from our partners for our customers.
  • GLAMIDAYS – an event with exclusive discount coupons for our customers that is held twice a year. In order to participate, all you need to do is to provide GLAMI with an exclusive discount code and to be in the priority mode. 
  • GLAMI Extended Network (GEN) – Links to the products from your e-shop can also be displayed on third-party networks such as Google CSS program. The GLAMI Extended Network automatically includes all partners who have priority mode and tracking. Currently we offer GEN only at

What is an XML feed and how important is it?

  • An XML feed is a link that contains a list of your products in a structured form. You will have to provide URL address from which we will automatically download your products every hour in order to keep your product information up-to-date. After you have uploaded your feed, your products and discounts will be available and visible on GLAMI.
  • Your feed will have to be ideally formated according to our feed specifications.
  • We accept also XML feed in different than GLAMI format.
  • A well made XML feed is a key factor for good results.

What is GLAMI piXel and what competitive advantage does it provide?

  • GLAMI piXel is a solution that allows GLAMI to customize the product listings, according to customers preference.
  • The piXel prefers to shows the stores, with which the customer has experience and is more likely to purchase from. It modifies product categories to cater to the individual taste of customers.
  • The listings are customized according to customer preferences – by popular shops, brands, colors, prices or style.
  • See more information here.

When is the GLAMI piXel activated?

A well implemented piXel will appear in the GLAMI administration as active the next day after implementation, under menu GLAMI piXel > Statistics.

It is very important for the piXel to send each item ID for each variant as one SHOPITEM, as it is specified for the GLAMI feed – not more sizes or colors in one SHOPITEM. Each SHOPITEM must have a unique itemID. All itemID (1234-1; 1234-2; 1234-3) must be grouped under one itemgroupID (1234). The ItemID in the GLAMI feed is then linked with the itemID provided in the piXel. Then piXel starts to work.

Keep in mind that for a well performing system, we have to collect at least daily 10 events otherwise it could happen that your e-shop will be paused at GLAMI. 


How do I check if the piXel is set up correctly?

You can validate GLAMI piXel after logging in to the administration section, in the drop-down menu GLAMI piXel > Statistics.

What does each column mean:

  • Date – the day in which GLAMI piXel recorded events (calls)
  • Pageview – The number of calls from the Pageview page (approximately the number of pages viewed on that day on your site)
  • AddToCart – the number of calls to add to your cart (approximately the number of clicks on the “Add to Cart” button on your site)
  • Purchase – the number of calls added when sending an order (approximately the number of orders on your site)
  • % paired ITEM_ID with item_ids in GLAMI PiXel – shows how many % of the ItemIDs sent via the GLAMI piXel was paired with the ItemIDs you are sending us through the GLAMI feed in the tag <ITEM_ID>
    • Note: See what feed you are sending to GLAMI in the administration in the section Settings and contact details.

When you have in the columns Pageview, AddToCart, or Purchase, value 0, it means that the piXel does not work properly on these pages. Possible causes:

  • You might be sending different itemID in piXel than in the feed. We can not match the products.
  • PiXel is wrongly implemented on the page. PiXel is case sensitive.

If the column % of paired ITEM_ID with item_ids shows less than 100%. Possible causes:

  • You might be sending a different itemID through piXel than through GLAMI feed and the system does not match the products.
  • You are not sending us all the products you have on the web in the feed.

How to find out where the cause of unpaired items is:

  1. Click “See Unmatched Products” in the statistics
  2. Copy itemID
  3. Find it at your store
  4. Copy the product name
  5. Find this product on GLAMI, make sure it is the same product
  6. If you found the product, please verify whether you are sending us the same itemIDin the GLAMI feed in the <ITEM_ID>
  7. If the <ITEM_ID> value is different, modify the GLAMI feed to send the same values as in the GLAMI piXel
  8. If you have not found the product, you are not sending it to us and it is not properly matched

How to run a test order?

  1. After implementing piXel, make sure that the statistics (after logging into administration open in the GLAMI menu piXel> Statistics) show all values.
  2. If there are not any number values, read How do I check if the piXel is set up properly.
  3. If everything works in administration and values are displayed in the columns, go to as a regular user.
  4. Pick one of your products.
  5. Click on it and you will be redirected to your store.
  6. Do not close the page and make a real order all the way through, as if your customer was doing it.
  7. On the next day, sign in to the GLAMI administration section, select Statistics > Categories from the menu. Filter yesterday’s date.
  8. The number of Orders in the orders column and your total yesterdays revenue in the revenue column must match the data from your store.
  9. If the data is matches, the piXel is implemented correctly, if the data does not match, return to step 2.

What is ItemID and what does it look like?

ItemID is the product number you use in your e-shop. It can be any combination of numbers and characters. Make sure you send us the same ItemID via GLAMI feed as via the GLAMI piXel.

What does ItemID look like in a feed.

How to implement GLAMI piXel.



How to implement piXel on the web store?

The PiXel is a code that is embedded on all pages of the site, leave it to the programmer. The PiXel can also be implemented via Google Tag Manager. See sections how piXel works and how to implement it.


How to implement GLAMI PiXel multiple times on a single page

Yes, it is possible. If you have one site located on multiple countries, please follow the instructions below.

We’ve added the ability to define multiple pixels per page in a pixel.

Below is a sample script for implementation. We have added a new parameter to name a specific pixel – in this case it is

“Sktracker”: glami (‘create’, AM GLAMI_EN_API_KEY ’,‘ sk ’,‘ sktracker ’); and then use this identifier to call other pixel functions: glami (‘sktracker.track’, View PageView’);

Nothing changes if you want to use only one pixel per page.



How should a GLAMI feed look like to work correctly with GLAMI piXel?

The Feed must be created according to the GLAMI specification. Products sent through the feed must contain a unique itemID for each size and for every color. This means you should send us one product in different sizes and different colors each as seperate SHOPITEMs, but group them together using same groupID. These same itemIDs must be sent through events in the GLAMI piXel.


What is GLAMI Extended Network? (GEN)

GEN is an additional service to that allows products to appear on third-party networks, such as Google CSS. This is a feature that allows you to expand the number of users you can reach with GLAMI.


Cum să dezactivezi GLAMI?

Dacă dorești să dezactivezi sau să opreși momentan activitatea magazinului pe GLAMI, te rugăm să contactezi Manangerul de Business Development.


What kind of assortment can I offer on GLAMI?

GLAMI is specialized on fashion – suitable shops are therefor in the clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, handbags and jewellery segment.


How to have the best products on GLAMI

  • Beautiful photos in sufficient resolution – Photos sell. Products with amateur-made photos have a much worse clickthrough rate. Your orders can costs up to 100% more than products with attractive photos.
  • Sizes in stock – Always keep sizes in stock. On product tiles, we show both the size and the delivery price, and customers also decide on these factors.
  • Detailed categories for products in XML feed – Tag “CATEGORYTEXT” in XML feed must contain detailed categories. These are the categories in which the goods are listed. See Category List. The more detailed the product’s ranking, the more we show your business in GLAMI and the higher the conversion.
  • Product properties – In addition to detailed categorization, you can also assign a variety of filters to products, such as cut, type of sleeves, etc. These will help you get the products into the most detailed categories. The average costs per order are lower in these categories. You will receive the orders with a higher profit margin, because the customer in the detailed categories is searching for a specific product to buy. See the list of possible tag types for every category on GLAMI website and that values you can add into <PARAM_NAME>. More in the feed specification.
  • Make discounts – Regular discounts makes your product more attractive.
  • Create GLAMI discount code – If your e-shop platform is able to create discount codes, create codes such as GLAMI15, which will be a 15% discount and put it in the administration under menu “Discount codes”. Appears for selected products. More about vouchers.



How much money to upload into a credit on GLAMI?

    • If your e-shop has less than 500 items, we recommend that you upload at least 100 EUR to get traffic and see what categories work for you.
    • For shops with over 500 items, we recommend charging min. 200 EUR.
    • Then start bidding.
    • It may happen that the credit is drawn slowly, start bidding. If credit is used quickly, this means that your products are attractive to customers. You should make decisions based on statistically significant data (at least 1,000 clicks per category).

How do I make sure that orders will appear in my GLAMI stats?

  • If you have any doubt regarding orders bit being displayed in GLAMI statistics, create a test order.
  • Open the GLAMI site, find one of your products, click on your store, make an order on your shop directly from GLAMI. The next day the order must appear in your statistics.
  • If the order did not go appear in the statistics, make sure that you have GLAMI piXel properly installed. You can find GLAMI piXel implementation guide in administration under menu “GLAMI piXel”.

What influences the ranking of my products on Glami?

    • The  cost-per-click (CPC) influences heavily your products ranking, but there are a number of other factors that also affect the listing of your products on GLAMI. We also take into consideration the customer’s buying behavior. The rank of my products is also influence by the popularity of products based on orders.
    • To achieve the best results as possible, we recommend to provide high quality photos, a detailed product categorization (Breadcrumbs) and to have sufficient stock for all sizes.

The usual errors in the GLAMI feed causing worse results or disapproval

  • Insufficiently filled categories – The Tag “CATEGORYTEXT” in many cases does not indicate in enough detail the category. In some cases it indicates multiple categories, such as “Dresses and skirts” or very general categories such as “Women’s shoes”. Products with such tags can not be classified into all appropriate categories. You are loosing customers. Be more specific in the categorization.

    “For the best categorization use the list of GLAMI categories!”

  • Small size or inappropriate pictures – Low photo quality, photos shot at home, or with low resolution – all these shortcomings cause your lower clickthrough rates for your products.
  • Wrong sizes – Verify twice that you are sending the size correctly in the GLAMI feed, that the feed is in in the correct format(Mind case sensitivity!), and that you are sending us one size per one SHOPITEM. Specification of sizes. In oder to show sizes in the correct format, we recommend adding the size system to the XML feed. Specification can be found here.
  • Missing delivery date – The mandatory feed item delivery date is often missing.
  • Insufficient description and title – Product name “Shoes” or empty description is a common mistake. Both description and the title help GLAMI keyword-based robots to offer products in similar products, additionally categorize or recommend. With a label and the right name, you will make your products more visible and you will get more traffic from GLAMI.
  • Sizes in product name – Sizes do not belong into a product name. A deficiency that makes it impossible to approve your shop, because GLAMI combines products with a single name with multiple sizes.

How big should the product images be?

  • The minimum size is 500 x 500 px.
  • The ideal image size is at least 1 500 px in width.
  • The white background of the product is not counted in the size! 

How to charge credit?

You can charge your credit in the administration under in Payments section. You can charge the credit on a one-time basis (by credit card or bank transfer) or by automatic payment.

One-time credit charge

  • By credit card – credit is added to the administration immediately
  • Bank transfer – credit will be added with a two-day delay. When making this payment, pay attention to the correct filling of the variable symbol and the exact amount, otherwise it may happen that the payment will not be settled and the credit will be credited with a delay

Automatic payment

  • Payment is made automatically from your card
  • It takes place if the credit balance is 5 times lower than the average daily e-shop spend
  • Payment is made once a day
  • Payment of any balance based payment is not possible
  • You can cancel your payment in the Payment – Cancel Payment section

With this payment setting, you do not need to keep an eye on your GLAMI credit thus avoiding potential credit depletion and loss of catalog positions which results in reduced traffic and conversions.


How do I change the e-shop owner?

    • You can set up a new billing address in the GLAMI administration under “Settings and contact details”.
    • If you need to change your login email, please contact your BD Manager.

How can I change my store logo and cover photo?

You can set the logo and cover picture in the GLAMI administration under the link “Logo and the cover photo of the store”.


How do I add the delivery date and shipping fee into the feed?

There are two ways how to provide delivery and shipping information:

  1. You can add shipping details in the GLAMI administration
  2. or in the Settings menu, or you can add shipping into the feed according to specification.

Why my products are not appearing in categories on GLAMI?

  • If you enter the category or tag correctly into an XML feed (tag CATEGORYTEXT), the system automatically merges the tag or category. Your products may have a lower score than the competitor’s products and may not be seen in the first positions. For example, the Adidas category is more competitive than the some umbrella brand. Click on your shop by writing your shops name in the GLAMI search box and you will see in which categories your shop is listed.
  • If you have a newly approved store or a new feed, wait for the categorization for at least 5 business days.

What is the CPC price?

The CPCs on GLAMI are not fixed, but rather reflect seasonal changes, the market conditions, as well as the price of the product. This flexibility helps GLAMI to deliver the most quality traffic, in the highest volumes for the right products.

1.CPC by price-level

Based on our internal analysis, we have found that cheaper products generally have a higher COS than more expensive products.

Therefor we decided to introduce differentiated CPC prices for products with different price levels. Cheaper products will have lower CPCs, and more expensive products higher CPCs. This results in similar levels of COS, regardless of the prices of products, bringing more traffic to the well performing items, and limiting those with high COS

2. Dynamic CPC

Our system automatically adjusts the base CPC prices per each category, according to seasonal changes, partners bids, and other market conditions. The goal is to ensure high volumes of quality traffic to each well performing category.

For example:

Summer dresses will have higher CPC during the summer period, in order to get even more traffic, while keeping good COS.

Current CPC you can always find after logging in into administration, menu “CPC Settings“.

The price can be increased by bidding to gain higher position for your products within the given categories. For more information about bidding see the section How to bid ( increase your cost-per-click) and get more traffic?


I have a new XML feed address, how do I change it?

You can add the new address of the XML feed in the GLAMI administration in the section Shop setting and contact information. 


How to turn off GLAMI?

If you would like to to stop/pause your e-shop on GLAMI, please contact your BD Manager


How to properly evaluate statistics?

    • Statistics are a key indicator of the performance of your e-shop. To get a statistically significant example, we need to have 1,000 clicks or more per category. Less clicks may mean a greater variation and less representative metrics.

What the individual columns mean, you can find in the section “Basic information you must know”.


How to bid (increase your cost-per-click) and get more traffic?

  • Your task is to define your target COS.
  • Then you need to asses where is makes sense to bid. If your defined COS in your category is 30%, your current CPC is $ 0.05 and a current COS of 10%, this is a category where you can significantly raise your cost-per-click (100% or more).
  • You will get more traffic within that category and more orders. For a higher cost-per-click, the COS will also rise.
  • If COS is still below your target, you can increase your CPC bid even further to maximize your revenue while maintaining a reasonable margin.

Bidding Settings

  • You can bid for the entire category in your administration under CPC settings. Enhanced CPC applies to all products within the selected category.
  • Or for specific products by adding the GLAMI CPC parameter into the feed. In the feed you enter CPC for desktop. For mobile the price is automatically recalculated based on proportional increment that you can find in the administration in the CPC Settings section. 

What to do if I would like to increase traffic?

  • Bid on the categories, try even hundreds of percent. Your products will get to the top of the category. Always define the target COS. The COS will increase alongside the higher cost-per-click that you setup by bidding. Start evaluating statistically significant data (ideally more than 1 000 clicks per category).
  • Also, review the categorization of your products and add additional parameters to categorize the product into more detailed categories.

For more information, please refer to the “How to have the best products on GLAMI” section.


What to do if I would like to increase revenues from GLAMI?

    • Maximize traffic to your site by using biding, having professional photos, providing free shipping, doing sales, well set pricing, and by having detailed categorization in an XML feed.

For more information, please refer to “How to have the best products on GLAMI” and “What to do when it’s low CR”.


What can I do to get higher ranking in certain categories?

    • Increase your bid, even by hundreds of percent. But keep in mind that cost-per-click is not the only factor that moves you up in the categories.

For more information, please refer to “Frequently Asked Questions”.


What to do if my credit is being used up very slowly?

    • You might might be focused on a marginal segment of products, or you might have unattractive photos, high prices, lack of sizes, high delivery costs.
      • These are all factors that minimize the clickthrough rates.
    • For more information, please go to “How to have the best products on GLAMI”.
    • Define your target COS and start bidding significantly.

For more information, please refer to “How to bid”.


I’m a big partner and I want more traffic.

    • Maximize cost-per-clicks on the best performing categories.
    • Improve your product feed. For more information, please refer to “How to get the best products on GLAMI”.
    • Extend the range of products.
    • Increase your targeted COS.

You are still not able to increase traffic and need an individual approach?

Contact your GLAMI BD Manager.


I’m a small business and I want more traffic.

See section “What to do if my credit is being used up very slowly?”.


How to define COS?

    • COS = cost of sale (costs per one order). It represents how many % of the order price your business is able to invest in the ad to get one order.
    • Define COS for each category and bid (increase CPC) with a specific goal in mind. This can be done globally for your whole business, not only categories.
    • Therefore, negotiate the best possible profit margins on your products, so your targeted COS can be as high as possible and at the same time you have enough profit from each order.

What to do when a COS is high?

    • If the COS is higher in categories, where you cannot afford it, then lower your cost-per-click to the minimum values, and significantly increase your cost-per-click on the categories which are doing well and there is margin to increase COS. These categories will cover you lower earnings on categories with higher COS, and the global COS of your e-shop will decrease.
    • Categories with higher COS, despite the worse results, are bringing in new customers who will become recurring customers, if satisfied. Do not remove those categories from the feed, but rather bid strategically.

What to do when is CR low?

    • Low CR (conversion) may be a linked to categories such as dresses, underwear, or swimwear – simply anywhere curiosity is higher than willingness to buy. The COS for these categories is higher and it is common.
    • Low CR for other categories may be caused by different factors, such as your unknown brand, site errors, or complicated buying process. The customer is looking for a shopping cart button, how to choose the size, how to open the shopping cart, how to turn off the window with a discount of CZK 100 for the first purchase or that the page is incorrectly displayed on the mobile. Due to these factors, the customer leaves your store and stops the order. Conversion decreases significantly.
    • To prevent such unnecessary mistakes, have the buying process checked by an UX expert on all available devices (PC with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
    • Keep the purchase process as simple as possible. Let your mom perform a test order and see how she behaves, what she is looking for, and where she is stuck. Please correct these mistakes.
    • Ideally, have free shipping on all products.
    • Keep the delivery time as short as possible.
    • Have enough quality photos.

What to do when AOV is low?

    • The average order value (AOV) of the order depends on the goods you offer. If you want to maximize AOV and thus improve COS, offer good prices, free shipping, and discounts. In the cart, offer similar products to cross-sell.
    • You can also expand your assortment to include more expensive products.
    • You can offer a free “Try and buy” upon delivery – in the sense of ordering more sizes, then purchasing just the pieces that fit, letting the customers to send back the items for free. In this case, the returns are added to the COS.

What if the number of clicks on my site is decreasing?

    • You have probably got a new competition within the category.
    • Optimize your traffic with bidding.
    • Improve the quality of photos, make sales, create vouchers, provide free shipping.

What can I do if my credit is depleted quickly?

    • Congratulations, this is the best possible situation – you have attractive products, your products are perfectly categorized, and therefor you have the best potential for large turnover from GLAMI.
    • Add enough credit to last you a least 14 days in paid mode. Don’t forget to continuously evaluate the performance of each category.
    • Define your COS and start bidding on the categories where you have sufficient profit margins.
    • Do not let your credit run out, the score of your products will be lost and your products will loose the position in the catalogue.
    • Cannot reach your target COS? Let your BD Manager know and we can help you try and optimalize your results at GLAMI